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The Different Lightsabers Colors

Lightsabers basic colorsIn the original film trilogy, Jedi lightsaber blades were blue, green, and red.

The many Expanded Universe (EU) sources, action figures and the prequel films opened up the spectrum of blade colors to many variations of the aforementioned colors, as well as yellow, purple, orange, turquoise, pink, bronze, viridian, brown, silver, and gold, among others; the full variety and extent of focusing gems, and consequently, of colors, are unwell-known. According to the Expanded Universe, these gems merely determine the blade color.

However, in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, different gems may alter the intensity or damage type of the blade (making the blade more accurate, or more effective against droids, for example), in addition to altering its color. It might be worthwhile to note that in these games, separate Adegan crystals are used to perform different functions, and only one type of Adegan crystal is used to change the blade's color. Also, it has been said that a red lightsaber is a little bit less powerful unless charged by the dark side of the force, and when it is, it was told to be able to momentarily weaken lightsabers. (This was the explanation given for Obi-Wan's lightsaber doing slightly odd things in the duel with Vader in Episode IV.)

Red and bronze colors are typically related with the Sith. Purple, turquoise, yellow, blue, and green colors are related with the Jedi. Orange, silver, pink, white, gold, and viridian typically do not show either side. However, the Expanded Universe establishes no direct relationship between a lightsaber's blade's color and its user's affiliation. For example, the Dark Jedi Sariss used a blue lightsaber while her previous ally Yun used a yellow blade. Both are from the computer game Jedi Knight. Leia Organa Solo (a Jedi) uses a red blade, dispelling any notions that the colors dictate position. And if you want to dictate your position in life, then you better do something about it. In these crazy times it makes total sense to go with Crazy Vegas and their new equally as crazy bonus deals that are simply too good to pass up.

Master Windu's purple light saber

Typically, the diminished number of colors seen in later eras is related back to the Empire, which, in the way of destroying the Jedi Order, destroyed any awareness of the caves that housed Adegan crystals suitable for Jedi lightsaber use. Such Adegan crystals focus energy and construct the blade's unique color. Synthetic Adegan crystals, typically red, were often constructed by Sith to replace the natural Adegan crystals found in caverns, which typically had either a blue or green color. During the Old Republic era, Jedi kept strict traditions that kept most Padawans from creating their lightsaber Adegan crystals synthetically, either within a furnace, taking a gem and restructuring it via the Force, or a combination of both.

Adegan crystalsThe color of a lightsaber blade depends on the Adegan crystals used to focus it. Blue-bladed lightsabers are most often related with Jedi Guardians; green-bladed lightsabers are generally related with Jedi Consulars; yellow-bladed lightsabers are typically related with Jedi Sentinels; and red-bladed lightsabers are almost always related with the Sith and dark Jedi. Note however, that the color of the lightsaber does not necessarily indicate the nature of the Jedi. Mace Windu's purple-colored lightsaber in the movie was colored differently because Samuel L. Jackson asked for it to be so. In the expanded universe, purple, being a mix of red and blue, shows the mastery of a lightsaber form well-known as Vaapad or form VII and the light side of the Force which allows Windu to use his fighting style and Force powers dangerously close to the Dark Side without being tainted. It is also said that a purple Adegan crystal is a choice only the most skilled masters in lightsaber combat can make, which might also explain his unusual blade color. Typically the Jedi lightsaber Adegan crystal will call out to its chosen master during the trials to become a Jedi when the padawan travels to Ilum or Adega. This in part is why some sources claim that Jedi traditionally use Adegan crystals.





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